Fact: Cardiovascular Training Alone Does Not Make You Lose Weight

Most people, when looking to change their physique by losing weight, will always first jump on the cardiovascular training band wagon, completely ignoring the necessity to include resistance training in their new life plan.

Although an effective component of any training routine, depending on the demands placed on the body by the intensity of the activity (whether jogging, cycling, walking, to name a few favourites), one can burn in excess of 350 calories, and will continue to burn calories up to 2 hours after the activity is complete.

Resistance training on the other hand, burns calories during the performance of an exercise and continues to burn calories during the recovery phase – up to 48 hours after the training session is complete. The rate of burn of course (like cardio) is dependent on the intensity of the workout.

It can be said then that, each individual is responsible for their desired outcome. In other words – “You get out of it, what you put into it”. If your goal is to change your physique, whether to lose or gain pounds (and we can expound on this) resistance training has been proven over many years to deliver 100%. After all, who doesn’t desire a sleek, strong and yes – SEXY physique?

Both modalities will effect change ie. weight loss and overall conditioning. Exercise helps to prevent heart disease, hypertension, obesity, to name a few. Exercise has been proven to improve self confidence, longevity, and youthfulness.

Stick with it people…Be Focused…Be Persistent. Never Quit…Your Body Will Reward You.

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